DJ Gilly & M.I.K B2B Guest Mix

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Uplifting Trance Guest Mix

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DJ Gilly & Mik are on the airwaves of for a special 1 hour Trance guest mix.

The duo are owners of TNRadio and currently hold residency with Nowhere World.

They have created live sets for Stella Sounds & Pyramid Radio. Their latest releases include Daybreak, Summer Breeze and Last Horizon, with a re-mix completed for Daybreak and Last Horizon.

The guys are about to release a fourth track Enchant with the record label, Ultrawave Records, within the next few weeks. Last Horizon will also be released under Premier League Recordings!

Find out more about the pair below!

Gilly & M.I.K!

About: Mike Butzbach (MIK)

  • Born in 1976
  • Is from Grevenbroich, Germany
  • Addicted to Electronic Music from the age of 10 & and avid Trance Clubber from 1996.
  • Started DJing in 2016
  • Started producing in 2020
  • Co-founder of TNRadio with David
  • Married to Katarina and a cat lover. 2*Maicons, Tom & Emily
  • Claim to fame, once held a gold medal as a Champion Kickboxer in Europe back in the day!

About DJ Gilly

  • I am David Gilligan
  • Born 1977
  • Is from Manchester, United Kingdom
  • A huge Football Fan and avid follower of Manchester United Football Club.
  • A passion for music from an early age, played the violin as a you kid.
  • Fell in love with the Trance Scene in 1998 and never looked back.
  • Co-founder of TNRadio with Mike
  • Started DJing 2016
  • Started Producing 2020
  • Married to Karen, I have 2*Teenage Daughters, 2*Teenage Step-Sons and a Border Collie called Bobby.
  • Claim to fame, Travelled Australia in 1998/1999 for a year, having never previously been on a plane nor near an airport before!!!!!
  • Why not check out our friends at TN Radio?



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