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The time has finally come, the Elusive team is pleased to announce a new presenter who will be DJing live and direct from his studio in Germany around the world on

Welcome Reverk who is delighted to join and take you the listener on a (un)regular journey with long sets.

Remember - No recorded sets, no line to follow it's all LIVE.


In Reverks words “An energy is sent through the heart, in a mind of trance, as electronic impulses are delivered directly through the arms to the decks.”

You won’t know the name Reverk, but as soon as you listen to him, you’ll ask yourself, “Where’s this guy been all this time?” For a long time, he didn’t care about spreading his passion with music in a big way, mostly just in small, anonymous circles. Now he’s found us and wants to shape and mould the term, Elusive, with his way and shape it with his own style.

Reverk is a young DJ (25 years old) from Germany, actually much too young to really understand what trance did in the 1990s, but he brings back what trance has been missing for years. The genre Trance is not in the foreground for him, much more, he gives back the true meaning, the feeling of trance. We could write much more now, but you can only really feel it if you go on a journey with him. Because of the long live sets, he has the opportunity to give each track its full length, enough time to really let each track breathe, a slow breath is required to feel and let a sense of exstasy take over.

We would now like to tell you what exactly awaits you, what style of of electronic music, but unfortunately we can’t do that. What we do know is that it’s all open between 120bpm and 150bpm, as long as the trance feeling is there. We are looking forward to hearing Reverk on 25.09.2021 at 21:00 (GMT) with his first journey,

Reverk – Makes you flow.

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