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Saturday 3:00 pm 3:59 pm

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Self-taught DJ, producer & label owner from Leeds, UK.

Join Oliver Cattley for his exciting Transform Sessions each month at 5pm GMT.

Oliver Cattley

Signed to Armada, Vandit, Extrema, Defcon, Redux, Mindlifting, Tranceform, Blackout, Fireball & more. Resident @ Elysium Trance Events.

Oliver began mixing at age 15 in 1999/2000 on belt drive turntables despite a passion for music developing from a much earlier age. Held residencies at Resonate (Leicester), Techno Breakfast Club (Sheffield), In:Progress (Leeds), EMFA (USA), Afterhours fm, SO DJs (Roster for Ibiza seasons 07-08)etc

He has launched his own brand Tranceform in 2015 which has had non-stop major support & beatport charting since inception.

Oliver’s style as a producer has evolved over the last 19 years. Every track released has charted on beatport. He has collabed with many major names in different styles including Steve Morley, Kiyoi & Eky, Leigh Green, Fredd Moz, Amos & Riot Night & more.

He has a passion for ALL THINGS electronic dance music so is not restricted to one particular style or genre. For bookings: nucommunicate@outlook.com 

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