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In December 2003 TranceChill had its premiere on internet radio. At first it was a regular live show with almost all sorts of electronic music, but after 2011 it was more focused on trance music.

Over the course of the next four years the show turned into a mixed podcast with the latest in uplifting and prime cuts. The show's main focus has always been to promote new and chills inducing uplifting trance music. Not limited by labels or pressures by labels, you can be sure that there are at least some new and unique names and prime cuts every week.


The selection process is easy, tracks that has been sent as promos get first priority. Then if there are some tracks by frequent names in previous episodes, they also get priority, next if there’s a track made or remixed by a Norwegian, it gets priority. And of course, if there’s a track or a few tracks from big names and I might get the feeling that these tracks will be big this year, then they will get a place in the episode as well.

The BPM in the show will fluctuate around 138bpm, so get ready for a journey into sound with uplifting feelings.

Alf Otto Fagermo aka. skoen:

Born in Stavanger in 1984 discovered trance music in 1996 when Faithless and Robert Miles were at the top of the sales chart in Norway. After the turn of the millennium the fondness for trance music grew and tracks by DJ Jürgen, Mauro Picotto, Svenson & Gielen and J&R Project started to go on repeat several times. In 1997 I had my debut on terrestrial radio as a radio presenter and in 2008 I got my BA in Journalism. I have over 20 years of experience in radio. I am currently working as a web developer for a communications and production company in Kristiansand and as an intermittent all-round DJ in the local clubs and home matches for two handball teams in the city of Kristiansand where I live.

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